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Most Clickframes users will interact with Clickframes via a set of Maven plugins. These plugins include the core Clickframes plugin, which provides a set of tools for turning the Appspec into deliverables like CLIPs and application maps.


The Clickframes Plugin

Please bear with us as we work on this section of the documentation.


The following command runs the techspec and generates code

mvn clickframes:generate


The following command lists artifacts. All files

mvn clickframes:list

Modified files

mvn clickframes:list -Dtype=modified

Not Modified files

mvn clickframes:list -Dtype=notModified

Orphaned files

mvn clickframes:list -Dtype=orphan

Installing Graphviz

To use the Clickframes graphing plugin, you'll need to install Graphviz. If Graphviz is not installed, you may see an error like this:

[ERROR]   Exception while executing fdp, not installed? Cannot run program "fdp": error=2, No such file or directory [WARNING] Graphing is not installed

On Debian/Ubuntu

  1. Run sudo apt-get install graphviz

On Windows

  1. Download the Graphviz Windows installer and run it.
  2. The installer will put the Graphviz binaries on your path. If you have any open command-line windows, close and reopen before attempting to use the graphing plugin.