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Clickframes is a framework for creating web applications. It supports quick iteration of design, development and testing through a simple, unified requirements model tailored to the needs of a web application. Using Clickframes, project teams can automate the generation of design artifacts, prototypes, software requirements, and production-ready code -- and soon will be able to automate the authoring and execution of Selenium test scripts, providing automated functional testing of the entire application.

The heart of the Clickframes framework is appspec.xml, the application specification (or "appspec"). The appspec.xml file is written in Clickframes XML. It is the single source of truth. Other code and artifacts are generated directly from this file by using a variety of provided plug-ins, then further customized by developers and testers to produce the final application.

Clickframes is not dependent on any particular implementation technology. The initial open source release includes two different Java code generators, plus a PHP code generator, and we're encouraging the community to write new plug-ins to generate applications in still other languages. Clickframes is about turning design into high quality, well-tested applications.


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Clickframes was originally developed in 2008 by the Informatics Solutions Group at Children's Hospital Boston. The original Clickframes came about when we decided to automate generation of HTML wireframes (now Clickframes Interactive Previews), and to reduce the time and effort required to manage requirements for a particularly demanding customer. At a certain point, we realized that we didn't have wireframes anymore - we had a computable requirements model. Some refactoring and ongoing development later, the result was Clickframes - a suite focused on the complete lifecycle of a web application, from modeling and design to code generation and development to testing and release.

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