Clickframes Interactive Previews

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Clickframes Interactive Previews (CLIPs) help developers, business analysts and users collaborate on web application requirements. CLIPs are an alternative to conventional requirements documents, also known as "the 100 page Microsoft Word documents that nobody ever really reads." CLIPs provide an HTML representation of all the application requirements contained in a Clickframes application specification, in an easy to use format. Our main goal was to provide a way to represent the interaction requirements of an application that was as close as possible to the way the application itself would operate. CLIPs do not attempt to model the visual requirements of an application - the focus is purely on the requirements.

Generating CLIPs

To create a set of CLIPs for a Clickframes application:

  • First, create a basic application specification using Clickframes XML
  • Save it to ./src/main/clickframes
  • Then, just navigate to your application's home directory and run:
mvn clickframes:generate

Using CLIPs

  • A set of CLIPs will be generated in the clickframes directory of your project's target directory
  • To view them, just load index.html in a browser.
  • As you refine the application specification, you can generate new CLIPs at any time.

Requirements Authoring with CLIPs

CLIPs are a great tool for sharing requirements with users, developers and testers. But they're probably not the place to start your application design process, unless you really, really know what you want to build. In our projects, we use CLIPs (and the application specification itself) as the "second line of design." The first line consists of user interviews, scenario development and user stories.